北京市通州区私立树人学校是一个幼儿园至十二年级的私立住宿、走读学校。占地约一百亩、位于艺术和人文氛围浓厚的北京宋庄画家村,是一个封闭、安全的花园式学校。学校位于北京市郊,离CBD 25公里。学校始终一贯地坚持个性化教育和国际化发展,努力吸取中西方教育之所长,更好地服务于中国和国际学生,让他们为以后的教育和未来国际社会的重大职责打好基础。

Beijing Shuren Ribet Private School is a K-12 independent coeducational boarding & day school. Our 16 acre (100 Mu – Chinese acre) campus adjacent to the Artists’ Village is a closed and secure garden community in the suburbs of Beijing, just 20 kilometers east of the Central Business District, providing an environment that is conducive to learning, self-discovery and friendship. The Beijing Shuren Ribet Private School commitment to academic excellence, personal growth and the development of character remains true to the founder, Ms. Wang Jianchao’s guiding principles. We continuously strive to improve upon and create a synergistic blend of both eastern and western educational methods and ideals to better serve both Chinese and international students, as well as prepare them for higher education and their future roles in a global community.



北京市私立树人学校创办于1993年,为中国首批私立学校之一。创始人王建超女士的梦想是为学生提供一个多元化教育的场所,除课本教育以外,还培育学生的创造力、挖掘学生的各种潜能。 学校的建立响应了当时邓小平总书记的号召:“面向现代化、面向世界、面向未来。”从而创立了一所新型的学校。学校的建立受到了来自世界各地的学生和同行们的关注,并建立了广泛的国际合作与交流关系。我们的学生也从9岁就有机会参加各项国际交流项目。

为了让学生们为成为一个未来的全球公民做好充分准备,接受不同文化的熏陶以及语言能力的培养是至关重要的。 通过多年来学校与国外教育机构的友好合作,北京市私立树人学校发展成为了今天的北京市通州区私立树人学校,为中国学生提供一个通向世界的渠道,也让外国学生有机会真正了解中国和他的文化与文明的精华。

Beijing Shuren Private School was founded in 1993 when China first opened its policies to private institution. The founder, Ms Wang Jianchao, is a former university professor. During a time when only public education was available, and extracurricular courses had to be found outside of the school system, Ms Wang created a more wholesome education institute that nurtured creativity and encouraged the discovery of all aspects of a child’s potential, academically and otherwise. She was inspired by the former General Secretary Deng Xiaoping’s motto: “Face modernization, face the world, and face the future.” Based on these simple principles, a new type of school was created. Students and visitors from various regions of the world visited us since the establishment, and our students, as young as 9 year olds, have had the opportunity to participate in numerous international exchange programs.

In order to best prepare students for the modern, future global world, cultural understanding and strong language abilities have always been of great important to us. Through various collaborations with schools and institutes overseas, Beijing Shuren Private School gradually became the Beijing Shuren Ribet Private School of today, offering students from China a gateway to the rest of the world, and international students a real insight into China and the essence of its culture and civilization.

Students and Faculty


学校按1:6的师生比例聘用优秀的中外籍教师,小班教学,同时配置有足够的生活教师和后勤工作人员,确保学生有一个安全、舒适、健康的学习和生活环境。 在校师生来自于世界十多个国家和地区,如美国、英国、加拿大、菲律宾、乌克兰、韩国、俄罗斯、哈萨克斯坦、芬兰、马来西亚、香港等。国际学生约占学生总数的15%。


We maintain a 6:1 student to teacher ratio to ensure quality small class size education, and employ dorm mothers as well as additional full time supporting staff to ensure a safe, comfortable, and healthy environment for the students. Our students and faculty members come from over a dozen regions around the world; some countries include the United States, England, Canada, the Philippines, the Ukraine, Korea, Russia, Kazakhstan, Finland, Japan and Malaysia. Our international students currently make up 15% of our student population. We celebrate our diversity through various on campus events and activities. We are fortunate to have access to the artistic resources in the Artists’ Village where our campus is located. Many local artists have hosted workshops that varied in length over the years, making them a unique part of our school community.

Beijing Shuren Ribet Private School regards public service to be an importance aspect of education. We have previously participated in a six year long migrant students’ sponsorship program, and are now the home to

126 students from the Sichuan earthquake regions. These students are mostly from the Qiang minority of China, and are a priceless and unique element of our diverse and growing international family.

Student Government


我们的学生会在学习、纪律、劳卫生活、宣传、文艺和体育方面服务于全校师生,并通过举办各类活动和学生论坛使全体学生的学习和课外生活更加丰富。 学生会还带领学生启动“根与芽”等公益环保项目,使我们的学生更加关注世界、关注环境和各项公益事业,从而成为地球的保护者和爱心使者。并在各项活动中培养自己的领导能力和合作能力。

Our student government serves the rest of the student body in the areas of learning, discipline, student life, media, culture and sports. They achieve enrichment in these areas through daily evaluations, friendly competitions, events and discussion forums. The student government is also leading students on initiating the Roots and Shoots program, so that our students can participate in the program, become aware of various environmental issues, and become responsible decision makers in the future. Members of the student government acquire and spread leadership skills and team spirit throughout the school.








Our 100 Mu (Chinese acres) campus offers students a safe and healthy learning and living environment that is conducive to learning and growth. There are twelve buildings total; they are the administrative office, lecture halls and laboratories, the gym and stadium, cafeterias, dormitories and a convenience store. Most classrooms are equipped with multimedia learning centers; the music rooms, art studio, and dance studio provides opportunities for students to learn various instruments, calligraphy, arts and dances. Our cafeteria caters to the taste and needs of students from various cultural and religious backgrounds.

On campus there is a, indoor and outdoor basketball, a soccer field surrounded by a track field, and equipment for various other sporting activities. A greenhouse provides students the opportunity to learn about and care for various plants. Students in the American high school also have access to wireless internet daily from 8am until 10pm.

Students in different parts of the school have separate dormitories. The rooms are well equipped and assigned to dorm mothers; the dorm mothers care for students in many ways as parents would, guiding them to become independent and accountable; here students have the opportunity to learn various life skills in a organized fashion, to become responsible and self reliant adults.


北京市通州区私立树人学校(原北京市私立树人学校) 成立于1993年,是北京市成立最早的民办学校之一,设有幼儿园、小学、初中和高中各学段。

个性化教育 国际化发展


稳定 高素质的教职工队伍