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After a bustiling and fulfilling November, Wahaha Schools are now officially celebrating an exceptional achievement: the prestigious recognition as a globally certified school by Cognia, the world's largest non-profit school accreditation organization.



Since its establishment in 2014, Wahaha Bilingual School has embraced the vision of delivering education with heartfelt sincerity and creative enrichment. We have upholded the mission of cultivating international ambassadors who appreciate Chinese culture and possess a global perspective and CARE attributes. WBS provides a bilingual curriculum system for students from Grade 1 to 12, with the goal of developing core competencies required for 21st-century talents and preparing students for the future.


This Cognia certification signifies that the educational quality of Wahaha Bilingual School has been acknowledged by a globally recognized educational institution. It not only underscores our dedication to educational excellence but also establishes us as one of the exemplary benchmarks in the field of education. In the future, when students from WBS apply to top international universities, their transcripts and graduation certificates will carry even greater weight.


|What is Cognia Accreditation? |


Cognia is the world's largest non-profit international school authoritative certification body, and currently serves more than 36,000 schools, nearly 25 million students and 5 million educators in 85 countries around the world.

Cognia认证过程围绕Cultural of Learning、Leadership of Learning、Engagement of Learning 和Growth in Learning 四大维度,根据教学理念、课程设置、师资团队、教学管理和运营管理等30项标准对学校进行全方位的评估。Cognia accreditation inspects schools in an all-around way, revolving around four dimensions including Cultural of Learning, Leadership of Learning, Engagement of Learning and Growth in Learning. After a comprehensive evaluation of the school on more than 30 standards including teaching philosophy, curriculum, teacher team, teaching management and operation management, it provides professional and fair evaluation results.


|What does Cognia represent? |


During the progress of accrediting, a Cognia officer said: "If this school passes the relevant assessment of Cognia accreditation, it tells the parents that this school is fully capable of educating your children and giving them access to well-qualified schools around the world."


If a school is able to pass the authoritative Cognia certification, it means that the school has met the standards of global educational development trends and challenges in areas such as educational quality, assessment and improvement, student engagement, campus culture, learning environment, information data, instructional management, daily operations, and administrative management.


It means that the school has joined the ranks of outstanding schools globally and stands alongside excellent educational institutions worldwide.


|Benefits of Cognia Certification |

依据美国U.S.News权威机构给出的全美最佳高中Top 10排名, 其中名列第1、3、4、5、6、7位的全美最好高中均持有Cognia认证。

According to the authoritative U.S. News ranking of the top 10 high schools in the United States, the top-ranked high schools at positions 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 all hold Cognia certification.经过Cognia认证的学校,其高三学生申请境外或国外顶尖大学时,在同等条件下会被优先考虑。每份被认证且加盖Cognia认证章的成绩单和文凭都将获取唯一的认证号码,并录入在线确认系统,以方便海外大学、国际高中、家长和学生查询。Cognia-accredited schools are generally recognized by universities around the world, and students' transcripts can also be endorsed by Cognia. Each transcript and diploma that is certified and stamped with the Cognia certification seal will receive a unique certification number and be entered into the online confirmation system to facilitate inquiries by overseas universities, international high schools, parents and students.


Schools that have been accredited by Cognia will be generally recognized by universities around the world, and students' transcripts can also be endorsed by Cognia's stamp, which means students will have more advantages and competitiveness in the application for universities all over the world. In addition, accredited schools will also receive regular supervision and guidance from Cognia to continuously improve and strive for excellence.


|Why are we certified by Cognia? |


In December 2022, Wahaha Schools were qualified as a Cognia candidate school. From June 13 to June 16, 2023, the Cognia Accreditation Committee reviewed Wahaha Schools in terms of academics, teachers, school buildings, management, administration, students and parents.


Based on hundreds of pages of certification reports submitted by Wahaha Schools. The Cognia Accreditation Committee examined in detail the school’s curriculum, student homework, academic data, school policies and financial data. The Cognia Accreditation Committee also conducted many questionnaires and comprehensive communications with students and parents.


At the final result announcement meeting, the Cognia accreditation team spoke highly of the progress Wahaha Schools have made since it became a candidate school for certification, as well as the many achievements the school has made since its founding, especially the implementation of school culture, vision, the construction of diversified culture, the construction of international courses and the quality of teaching can well support the cultivation of students' self-confidence and whole-person development.

我们也在材料准备及接受审核的过程中不断反思成长、积极地响应评估要求,加强学校的课程开发,不断改进教学方法,并制定了更好的学生评估策略。不断探索家校合作、教师培训等方面的最优方案,以确保多主体共同辅助学生成长,同时保障师资队伍质量的不断提升。In the process of material preparation and review, we continue to reflect on growth, actively respond to assessment requirements, strengthen the school's curriculum development, continuously improve teaching methods, and formulate better student assessment strategies. Constantly explore the best solutions in terms of home-school cooperation, teacher training, etc., to ensure that multiple subjects jointly assist the growth of students, and at the same time ensure the continuous improvement of the quality of the teaching staff.


Wahaha Schools always move forward together with students, continuously pushing oneself on the path of growth.








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